mishing some one :)

i know that i need to get over it
I know it wasn't true
but why is it that when i try to sleep my mind just circles back to you
i want to believe that it's gonna be okay
I'm lying to myself because I no its not
i almost forgot
what its like to touch your face
or what it was like to see you everyday
knowing that it was just me and you
why did you have to go and do
what you did
i wanna forgive you and say its okay
but then I'd have to live with that everyday
i would feel so low
so i guess i have to let you go
thats what they say right
if you love something let it free
if it comes back it s meant to be
i guess I'll just know
you once told me that you would always be in two places at once because you were always in my heart
so does that mean we're not really apart
i look at the pictures and the letters
hoping it will make me feel some what better
but it only makes it worse
i have so much anger that i have to let out
if i don't I'm afraid I'm gonna do something i might regret later
god i hate her
i guess i shouldn't hate her i should hate you
thats something i thought i would never do
my eyes start to water and my hands begin to shake
all this pain and suffering is more than i can take

iloveyou sweety =)

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